Reading Club: Discussing the 19th century American classic, Moby Dick

Thursdays June 18th and 25th From: 5 pm until 5:45 pm
Library – Instituto Chileno Norteamericano
Moneda 1467, Metro Moneda
Languaje: English

Please register as a library user at Moneda 1467 and you will receive “Moby Dick” graphic novel for free.

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Do you like graphic novels? Do you like to read the classics? Then, this Reading Club devoted to discussing the 19th century American classic, “Moby Dick” is for you.

Herman Melville’s classic tale of Ishmael, Captain Ahab, and the White Whale comes to life through stark drawings in this graphic novel adaptation. Ishmael, a young merchant marine, decides to embark with his friend Queequeg on a voyage on the whaling ship the Pequod, helmed by Captain Ahab. They soon discover that the strange captain’s true mission is to find and kill Moby Dick, a great white whale who tore off Ahab’s leg. Ahab’s quest for revenge, a quintessential case of man against nature and good against evil, remains an enduring story that has captivated readers for generations. In this edition, Denis Deprez’s haunting graphics set a dark, menacing tone for the narrative.

In two sessions will discuss the origins of the tale, the characteristics of the graphic novel and also will discuss the tale’s different symbolic meanings.

Marco Castillo, Information Resource Center (IRC) Director of the U.S. Embassy in Santiago. Librarian, Master’s degree in Library and Information Science obtained at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Has worked at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) and the Universidad Andres Bello in Santiago.

Organized by US Embassy Santiago Chile
Closest Parking:  San Martín 64

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